Geopolymers - general information

What are geopolymers?

Geopolymers produced by České lupkové závody, a.s. are inorganic two components aluminosilicate binders activated by liquid alkaline. Formed amorphous chain is chemically and structurally comparable with natural rock.


metakaolins produced through a unique and longtime verified method and complies with ISO 9001:2000 certifications

  • excellent insulating material
  • geopolymeric cement (without limestone)
  • repair of damaged concrete
  • fire protection systems
  • building chemistry (sealants, heat systems )
  • fixation of heavy metals and radioactive waste
  • restoration
  • imitation of natural materials


  • high cure rate
  • high compressive strength
  • excellent adhesion
  • can be used up to 1200 °C with appropriate ratio of grog
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • high chemical resistance in aggressive environments (acid rain, bacteria)
  • the formation of CO2 emissions at preparation of geopolymers is reduced with more than 50%