• The important part of our company is engaged in making analyses and quality controls of exhausted raw materials.
  • Chemical analyses are carried out by X-ray spectrometer model PANalytical PW.
  • Mineralogical composition is determined by X-ray difractometer model PANalytical PW 3040.
  • Screening analyses (tests) for checking of granulometry of the sorting products include:
    • water absorption – the maximum quantity of water a material is able to absorb. It expresses the weight amount absorbed by the test sample to the weight of dry sample and is given in%.
    • bulk density – calculated by water displacement from accurate weight of the testing sample
    • granulometry – partical size analyses of the material. Granulometry is analyzed by vibratory screening, whilst the very fine fractions are tested by floatation method.
  • Constantly increasing quality demands are closely connected with demands on the refractory grogs. 
  • We offer customers technical information about possibility of the technological processing of the schistose clay grogs.
  • Quality guarantee! 


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