Inorganic two components aluminosilicate binder based on metakaolin (part A) activated by liquid alkaline (part B). The mixture together with an appropriate ratio of selected filler is an ideal solution for various kinds of applications –composite materials, fixation of materials, sealants etc.

Raw material:

ČSN 721300: Mefisto L05 (České lupkové závody, a.s.)
light gray in color

Alkalic activator

Typical properties:

  • Workability at the temperature 20°C                      up to 60 minutes (depends on ratio + type of filler )
  • Maximum application temperature                         1200°C (depends on ratio + type of filler)  
  • Compressive strength after 28 days                       min. 60MPa (depends on ratio + type of filler)  
  • Bending strength                                                    1st day min. 3MPa, 7th day min. 7MPa, 28th day min. 11MPa (depends on ratio + type of filler) 
  • Resistance to temperature changes                       very good (30 series -30°C +120°C; depends on ratio + type of filler)  
  • Shrinkage after 28 day at the temperature 20°C    max. 0,5% (depends on ratio + type of filler)
  • Shrinkage after ignition 1000 °C                             max. 2,0% (depends on ratio + type of filler)
  • Density of geopolymer binder                                 1,8 – 1,9 g/cm(depends on ratio + type of filler)
  • Efflorescence                                                          minimal
  • Color                                                                       grey

Values are achieved by using filler: 50% of chamotte 0-1 mm

Geopolymeric cement

  • excellent adhesion to the original surface (concrete, stone metal)
  • can be used up to 1200 oC with appropriate ratio of grog
  • high chemical resistance in aggressive environments (acid rain)
  • excellent mechanical properties


At preparation of an inorganic geopolymer mixture is typically used 5 parts by weight of cement (part A); 4 parts by weight of activator (part B) and between 50% and 200% of filler depending on its granulometry. As a typical grog can be used chamotte NP35 0-0,4 mm (produced by České lupkové závody, a.s.), in this case is used ca. 75-125%.


  • 30kg paper bag + 27kg canister
  • 600kg in big bag + IBC container (max. 1,4t of activator)